Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On time?:-(

It was 9.45 AM and I was standing in front of Indian Coffee House on mg road. I walked a bit towards the Deccan Herald office and read the news for the day. Though I would have read the newspaper at home, that piece of paper that they display in the glass window is a must see for me, when I pass that way. It probably is my habit that I caught hold of when I was studying journalism to catch hold of news wherever it is. The street vendors were all ready with their wares be it clothes or the colourful junk jewellery. Slowly the shops started opening, and the hustle bustle of the place started for the day. Now I started to check the time,it was 9.55 and I started getting jittery as usual. I then started observing the people who were passing by - the office going crowd who were rushing, the college bunking kids going to Plaza to catch the movie, tourists being escorted to silk saree stores to take back something which is bangalore specific ......I again looked at my watch and it was 10.05 and am like 'not again' why do I have to go through this always. I started fishing in my bag to check for anything interesting and thankfully I was carrying a book. So I leaned on the railing on the footpath and started reading the book. People started looking at me while passing by, wondering what's wrong with me to come all the way to mg road and read a book standing there. When these stares started getting very uncomfortable i had to stuff the book back into my bag. The watch showed the time to be 10.25 and i knew there is no point starting abuse also. What's the point and then when I thought this is it and am going back my friend comes with all smiles. Am like its 10.30 and we were supposed to meet at 10, she was like, ok sorry its just half an hour let's go. I knew there was no point in explaining the logic of being half an hour late.
This is the usual case for me whenever I have to meet someone or when I have to go somewhere. Oh that's even funnier I have reached so many marriage receptions and birthdays on the time that's mentioned and realize that the bride and groom have not even thought of starting to dress up ; or the birthday girl/boy has just gone shopping for new clothes. At least in these cases I have realized that the time in invitations card is just a number or rather the time you start from home which is what I do now. Its a different thing that I ensured that my reception card time does not remain a number and reached on time and you can guess what it would have resulted...But thankfully relatives were with me.

So coming back to meeting someone, and the alien concept of 'punctuality' for most people. It has always been the case that whenever I set time to meet someone I reach atleast 10 mins or so in advance and eventually except for rare situations the person who am supposed to meet is late. I keep wondering is it really too much to expect someone to come on time or am I stupid in the first place to land on time but anyways both parties dont learn. On rare occasions when people do come on time am like so overjoyed and in total awe of that person for sometime like as if they did me a huge favour. I think this is the fate for all people who are punctual; believe me there are people like that too who can identify with the jitters and worries of waiting.

The best part is this non- punctuality in people continues at work place too. Here also meetings happen where people keep trickling till the last 5 mins ...Am sure that is one extremely busy person who is atleast managing time for the last 5 mins and we should be thankful for the presence.

Ok there is a silver lining in this atleast this waiting period has been a great time for making stories and window shopping too.

Now even am wondering that after this post what if it gets jinxed and i start getting late for time set for meeting people. O god see this is what the concept of punctuality itself does to me....

P.S The incident mentioned first was during my college time so dont be surprised if you havent seen some of the places i have mentioned:-)