Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is this it.........?

(Courtesy: Internet)
Standing at the door step ready to leave; suddenly there were gray clouds passing by in front of my eyes, that’s right not above but right in front of my eyes. There were high rise buildings from different countries, schools, parks etc passing by in that cloud. Shocked out of my wits I could not understand what is happening. This went on for 5 mins and then suddenly calm prevailed; not knowing what to do went to wash my face and then leave with my father. Everyone at home was in a trance and was not even talking about what just happened. Each one of us thought it must have definitely been an illusion. Suddenly it started again; this time outside you could see livestock and other things flying in the air and inside the house there were vessels and clothes flying in the air and the entire house was rocking like a cradle. All of us started screaming that it was an earthquake but inside our hearts we were thinking is this the end. Is this what is called the ‘Pralay’ or ‘The end of the world’?

My phone alarm rang. I woke up from my sleep. Thank god this was a dream. But was it so, it was an early morning one which people say comes true. Ok, now that’s superstitious, but is it so?

As I was awake was doing dream analysis of what I just saw. Normally once I get up I forget my dreams it so this time I was going on replaying it in my mind so that I don’t forget it. So I must have dreamt this because the year is coming to an end, and 2012 is deemed as the year the world is going to end. It’s the fear that would have crept into my subconscious for sure that translated into a dream.

Am sure it’s not just for me but for most people that this thought keeps coming to my mind. This phenomenon has been so strong that this year has seen books and movies keeping this in mind. Though now people are doing a lot of wishful thinking telling that it won’t happen which again can be taken in 2 ways. One, it’s a form of defensive mechanism of denial to think that you deny it and it won’t happen. Second, of course it’s logically true about how can you just go about believing a calendar ending as the end of world, when the various streams of science across the globe put together that are so advanced don’t see that coming.

For me definitely I would want to be in the second category and would want to believe that probably it’s the time for a new world or new awakening but not the end of the world as we see it now. Of course religiously speaking there is no reason to fear the end of the world too as the world itself is a ‘Maya’- and illusion and ending it would mean getting closer to god.

However, inspite of all that I would like to end the year with lots of hopes and dreams for the coming years. Also the biggest hope for the New awakened world.

Though a nagging small thought would still be at the back of my mind ‘Is this it?’