Sunday, December 13, 2009


'Kari' by amruta patil is what am talking about. A graphic novel that looks like a comic book at first glance. So if I would have seen the book first would definitely not have picked it. However in my case read the review first and with a little research about the author and after reading some of her online blogs with her short stories I was all ready to pick my book for the weekend.
Kari as a graphic novel is the first one that I read (not sure if there are others of this kind except of the comic genre). The author who is just 29 definitely ensures that the novel oozes with freshness, themes that we can relate to and lifelike graphics. The story primarily revolves around 'Kari' who is dealing with her lesbianism and her job at an ad agency. The pace of the novel owing to its graphics is very fast and a book that can be finished in a couple of hours.
So did I like the novel? Yes
So would I read another of Amruta's or anyone's graphic novel? Maybe.
My only concern as of now of a graphic novel is that I'am forced to imagine the author wants me to and cannot imagine the words in any other form. However this could also be due to the fact that its the first on of the kind for me:-)
On the whole I can say Amrutha is one to look out for......

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