Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baap re baap kamaal hai aap....

In Mythology there is a story based during the time of creation. Brahma the creator was once approached by the king turned Sage Vishwamitra expressing his desire to be given the power to create. Brahma handed over the duty of creation to him. The sage’s first creation was a green/red fleshy fruit which had a very smooth skin and very beautiful to look at. He was very happy with the output and called Brahma to see the new creation; Brahma exclaimed the lack of seed in the fruit which would not allow the fruit to propagate. Sage admitted to his error and fixed the seed outside the fruit. This was the birth of Cashew nut. The second of sage’s creation was an attempt at making a bird. He made one with wings and all and forgot to add legs thinking that the bird would only be airborne. Again after Brahma’s inception he had to add Talons on the bird as the last addition. This was how the Bat was created. After one more attempt he returned the powers back to Brahma.

This I think would have been the first of Office Bloopers that was ever there.

Coming to the office bloopers of today. There is one phenomenon which we use in the professional world extensively which could lead to so many bloopers – Email. There are so many trainings which are customized to teach email etiquette, business communication, client communication etc. However there is no training for being stupid and that’s where my blooper comes to play

Once I was sending a mail out to a friend telling something about a colleague on how irritating she is etc etc and by mistake instead of putting the friend’s name put the colleague’s name in the ‘To’ Field(Duh). Yes I have the patent for doing this. The panic after doing this is unimaginable. I ran to that person’s desk and told her that I wrote a personal note to a friend but accidentally sent to her and thankfully as she was away from her desk and not read it yet allowed me to delete it. Whew!
Lesson learnt from this : Now each time I’am typing a mail I take 5mins on the mail and half an hour ensuring that I have typed the correct email id.

All said it’s really strange how Kalmadi singlehandedly with his string of bloopers was successful in bringing together the entire nation to shame in the eyes of international fraternity. That by far would be the strangest and ardous attempt at doing something wrong in office


  1. Well one good thing about real life bloopers is we atleast think the next time when doing the same thing... we are little carefully. Philosophically speaking...WE are what we are after we have learnt from the mistakes we made... :) Loved your article. Fortunately your collegue is still in talking terms.

  2. Agree that experience is the greatest teacher.....Glad that you liked the article

  3. Can you please let me know what was Viswamitra's third creation? I have totally forgotten it!