Thursday, December 2, 2010

'Hinglish' - Got closer to reality

Hinglish movies were the attempts by some new directors at making realistic movies. This is one genre of movies which I have come to like because of the simple treatment given to it and utmost attention given to its story and screenplay. Once I started watching I was of course hooked to them. Though the list is endless some of the ones that I remember as being ones which I liked the best are the ones I have described below. The others which I have enjoyed are Mr & Mrs Iyer, Jhankaar Beats, Hollywood Bollywood, Bend it like Beckam, Monsoon Wedding, 15 park avenue and Missisippi Masala to name a few:-)

English August - My first tryst with the new age Hinglish movie and savoured it to the last drop. I had watched at the time when we still didnt have cable at home and so watched it on DD2 which was the hepper channel then compared to DD1.

The story is about Agastya an IAS officer who is sent for a year's training to Mandna a very hot town. The entire movie revolves around how he is culture shocked being from the current generation, the associations he makes and how he copes up and survives during his stay. This has some amazing acting by Rahul Bose.

At the end of the movie I was in love with this new kind of genre of movies and secondly Rahul Bose. Both these interests have added to my list of movies.

Hyderabad Blues - This was the time when I was in college and had heard lot of hype around this movie. The movie was in news because of it being made by young new director, the movie being made with meagre budget and because of its subject. The day the movie released TOI had a coupon which could be exchanged by college students at movie theatres in exchange of the ticket. So that's how my friend and I landed for the movie at Lido and was very pleased with the result. We also got to Nagesh Kukunoor the director who was there during a promotional stunt.Yes,I still have the autographed ticket:-)

The movie is about an NRI Varun who comes back to India on Vacation. The different themes around the movie contributing to it being a laugh riot is him meeting with his college friends in their current scenarios of being married, looking for a bride etc. Varun who had staunch opinions of Indian women being orthodox or only waiting for a chance to get married to an NRI for a chance to go abroad. In the process of looking for a bride for his friend he falls in love with his friend's wife's Dr. friend. Then the movie moves on to how they who have completely different diverse opinions one on religious customs and one on the NRI culture get together and finally tie the knot. All to all a complete paisa vasool with a refreshing conversational style of dialogue delivery.

Mitr - The movie was about Lakshmi an orthodox south indian who marries Prithvi and settles in USA. She gradually settles into the new environment. In a year's time with daughter Divya's entry to their lives it becomes a perfect family. After 19 years its Divya's life of partying, playing soccer etc which causes Lakshmi's worry and rift between mother and daughter. Prithvi gets trapped between mother and daughter and starts staying aloof which further aggravates when Divya leaves their home due to Lakshmi's interference in her life. Lakshmi seeks a ear with an internet friend 'Mitr' who gives her confidence in pursuing her interests of dancing, carpentry etc. At one point a hurt Divya realizing her mistake comes back home. She coaxes her mother to meet 'Mitr' and the last scene of their meeting which turns out to be Prithvi brings the family back together.


  1. I guess, it is the sign of things to come..or already hv come...the localization of everything is the new thing...remember Munna Bhai..its dialogues were awesum simply fr the slang, Rajamanickam, etc etc.. :)

    Gud read, Somz :)

  2. I loved your picks. I have yet to watch the first but have been meaning to for a long time. I like this trend in movie-making; we get to watch some good stories and films with substance.

  3. Deboshree thanks for stopping by....There are many more movies now added to the list and yes the new lot of directors experimenting have been a treat for us.