Thursday, June 9, 2011

BBMP – Not a Rant……..

As I moved into our new apartment I was prepared for all initial glitches of moving into new place and new location like not finding everything in the nearest store, backup generator not yet running, roads not being well done etc etc.

The one thing that I was not prepared for was the uncivic manner of disposing garbage. However I’am not writing this about instilling civic sense but on the manner BBMP treated it. For about 2 – 3 days I followed suit with everyone else in throwing garbage in the nearest empty plot but just could not take it off my mind and felt so guilty about the same. The next day searched on internet for the BBMP number where I can complaint about it. The surprising part is there is no site specific to them; all I found were rants of people of how they have complained and not got favorable results. However from one such review I got the number and as I have not yet lost complete in such services decided to try it out. I called up the number which went to a call center and after understanding the problem they registered the complaint and gave me a GR (Grievance) number. After disconnecting there was an automated message also giving me the GR (Grievance) number.

After the phone call I thought it would take a few days and so left it at it so I was taken aback when I got the call from Area Health Inspector the next day asking for the address details so that he can come and check. I gave him the details and mentioned my unavailability at the location. In the afternoon he again called to confirm that he was at the location and mentioned that he could definitely arrange for garbage to be picked up from the next day. As it’s a new apartment and association had still not formed connected the builder to the inspector.

On the next day I got a call from the builder that the bins have been placed in the apartment premises and he will ensure that people are informed about the same. I was quite happy with the speed in which the issue was resolved but hold on my bigger and much more pleasant surprise came the next day when I saw that the Health Inspector was getting the plot which was used as dumping yard also cleared.

When I got the call asking if they can close the case in their record I mentioned that I was happy with it and would love to write a positive review about the time taken and service rendered. The call center person I think was taken aback and was laughing (pleasant one) as she had not expected someone to tell that. Unfortunately they don’t have a site where I could write it so writing on my blog. I would have been more than happy to give them whatever the highest was on customer satisfaction.

This incident just confirmed my belief on not to write off govt run departments as inefficient just going by majority opinion but try it out atleast once.


  1. Awesum work, Sowmya-ji... gr8 2 knw tht inspite of all the bad publicity, thr r ppl in the authorities who take their work seriously..kudos 2 u 2 take the time n effort 2 appreciate the same :)

  2. Not bad BBMP does work. When I tried connecting with them profusely for clearing the remains of a dog they failed big time while other animal welfare associations said it was BBMP who was responsible and that they were not to do the same. It remained there for weeks until nature took it's own time to decompose the carcass. :-( :-(

  3. Raj Thanks........actually took only little time for me but their response was great.....

  4. popsie - i know about ur incident and that's what most people say but maybe my timing and the timing i caught them at was also good one.....wat else to say:-)

  5. This is quite an achievement. One more reason to be proud about our country.... Very Impressive.

  6. hrids - see now you have one more reason to come back to india.