Wednesday, July 6, 2011

'Corp' - Decade Update

10 years back for my first job after college I was accompanied by my father for interview. Those were not the days when you were hunted down by consultants for jobs. I had no intention of studying further (atleast then) or to follow any professional discipline and just wanted to work in some office doing some mundane activity. My father had referred me to this small firm as he had a business relationship with that firm. I got through with a meager salary of Rs 2500 which was still start to the road of independence to me. Worked for the firm for a year and the main learning from that job was got over the initial shyness(yes shyness is a far cry for me now) of talking to people and making a meaningful professional conversation.

My second job or the organization I moved into was the one that gave me maximum learning experience. Those days were the initial days of the call centre and it was considered to be the last option to consider a call centre job. However for me I fell in love with the job from day 1. In the first week after first few hours we were given an option to sleep in the training room as it was our first instance in working in night shift but I took to night shift like fish to water and did not feel sleepy even the first day. Getting trained on neutralizing accent and understanding US culture in training days was a refreshing a new experience for me. Then the career of Outbound calling and Inbound Calling and then moving to Quality function and different roles spanned my career for the next seven years was an ‘I love my job experience’. Along with this the people I met here gave me so many friends for life.

My next organization for the next 3 years have been a change of similar kind of quality roles adding on new learning. This organization is where I gained the span of knowledge of understanding of how a company works.

Being in the corporate culture for the past 10 years of so this post was just a sudden realization one realizing that I have completed a decade of working. As am at the juncture of moving into a new role waiting for new learnings, new experiences and meeting new people.


  1. Congrats on completing 10.

    Hey I too joined a call center a long time back n i loved it..

    Here's to the next 10 :)

  2. Every job is a learning experience, one way or the other. All the best for the future.

  3. Hey Raj didnt know you were at a call centre exp and yes i can imagine what a fun exp it would have been......Thanks for the wishes for my next 10 coz even am hoping 10 should be fine:-)

  4. Thanks Saru for dropping by and the wishes

  5. Zephyr thanks a lot for the wishes would need all of them:-)