Saturday, October 29, 2011

Four Sides

There was a spring in Kishan’s feet and a tune on his lips when he left the Cox and Kings office. It was after a long time that he had walked to a place and because of his happiness he was hardly looking at the road. It was not like it was the first time that he was going to Paris, as being the CEO of one of the leading firms he visits overseas almost every month; but going to an office to book the tickets was the first time and being happy about it was definitely the first. Kishan was the child genius who used to top in school and college after which he slid into the corporate world where also he prove his prowess in a very short time. He was the youngest and successful of CEO of his time at the age of 30. On the other side this only pushed Kishan to his lonely life as people outside used to revere him for his intelligence and money and back home as he had lost his parents at a young age of 12; he was now only surrounded with house help and no friends. This was all till he met Swathi.

An orphan raised in an orphanage Swathi’s only interest had been painting. She had always associated every misfortune that she saw to her. She strongly believed that it was her past life bad karma which made her an orphan and that losing parents being the biggest misfortune everything else happening around her has to be because of her bad karma. Though from an on looker point of you she was the person with the nicest heart and this was what brought Kishan and her together. Inspite of her insistence, that association with her can only bring him misfortune somehow Kishan convinced her about how it was just the opposite because he has been leading a life of misfortune due to his loneliness and now anything that can happen is only bring him out of it. Finally they got married and today as Swathi is waiting for her husband of a month and she could not believe how she was fortunate enough to get such a loving husband. The beep from the kitchen broke her thoughts as she realized that the chocolate cake that she had made to celebrate their first month was ready.

Rudra sat down at the bed side of Anmol his son who was born with cerebral palsy. His wife had died during child birth and left him with his special son. Anmol could however talk and that has been one thing which Rudra thanks god for inspite of everything. Every day before going to work he would have breakfast with his son and listen to the animated chatter of his son on the bed filled with all the toys he had got for each of his past 7 birthdays. He left for work leaving his son in the care of his mother. While driving the bus he could only think of what the doctor had said last week. Doctor had mentioned Anmol is ready to start with physical therapy soon and Rudra can deposit the money at the hospital as soon as possible. Anmol’s medical expenses were increasing and also his old mother had been having difficulty in taking care of the child because of her own ailments. Rudra had applied for a loan so that he could by a car and run it as a taxi so that he could increase his income to afford for the medical expense and probably a home nurse. When his phone started ringing, he was shivering as he was expecting a call from the bank in reference to the loan. His eyes got clouded as he picked the phone to hear a voice telling him that his loan was denied. He did not see himself hitting the young man on the road who was crossing the road though the lights were red for pedestrians.

Ambulance arrived in half an hour to take the two men to the hospital but they knew that it was already late. One man had died because of the accident and another of a stroke.


  1. Traffic kandu, ille? :)

    Somehow I knw tht Rudra n Kishan r the ppl involved.. great story.. the best part is tht we still dont knw if the characters r the ones mentioned in the start... n yet, it cud b too... n its tht ambiguity trht adds the edge to the story.... superb story, Sowmya ji :)

    ithu namma iKnow-il idado.. :)

  2. Your referring to 'Traffic' movie no i havent seen. why do u ask?

    and thanks for liking the story - it was a got up from sleep and writing hurriedly kinda one before losing the thought....but ya still an amateur at it:-)

    how can i put on iknow am not part of analytics now na

  3. Hey sis...nicely written short story. Ending tragic tha but keeps the reader thinking...start of becoming a writer??? :) Kaafi acha hain.

  4. behna...Dilli abhi bahut door hai:-) as in writer banne mein abhi bahut time, seekh aur patience baaki hai....
    Good that you liked it......thanks.