Monday, February 1, 2010

‘Sane’ity Check

In the times of Global warming, Natural Calamities, Recession, High Crime Rate etc the one thing I think that keeps us sane is ‘Love’. I ‘am definitely talking about love for a person and not the materialistic one because that only makes us insane and we could say the cause for all the above problems mentioned in the beginning.
Love ke liye saala kuch bhi karega; that’s what we feel when in love. If this was not the case just imagine how two people from completely different families, raised with different values, with different peer group living together in a relationship in majority of cases in India atleast called marriage. Love is the glue that holds together that bond for a lifetime, rather it’s not the feeling of excitement or restlessness which is normally considered as love but the bonding that remains after that.
Love for our family is another bond that gets created at birth and nurtured through the lifetime. Parental love is the one safety net that we fall back on several times during our life. I would say that this is one relation where there is a total selfless love being shared; Though in the current times(kalyug) there have been many instances of this relationship going tainted, I can talk for myself that I cannot thank enough for where and who am born to.
Does getting irritated with your brother/sister because you have to share your room and lose your privacy and at the same time feeling bored and miserable when they are not around also constitute as love? Of course! Sibling love - one of the most interesting forms of love I would say because this is the one person at different points of time you hate the most and at other times love the most. One person who would stand by you or be the mediator when you’re having some important discussions on generation gap etc.
Punching Bag is the word that would describe another important person with whom you have no blood ties or Marital Bond – Friend. The person who sticks by you at the lowest of times, partner in crime for numerous adventures and the multiplier of any joyous occasion. The magic of this bond is that this is the person you chose and the strength of this bond is only due to the love for the person and nothing else.
Assigning a day or month to celebrate love is not enough but then it’s a good reminder to everyone not to take things for granted and be grateful and show the people you love that they really matter.
‘Happy Valentines Month’

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  1. Very well written and made me thank God once again for giving the bestest of the persons for teh relationship you mentioned :)

    Keep writing