Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Like to Dislike

“Wow. The rain is such a welcome relief but am sure it’s going to be very hot tomorrow”
“My bike gives me 70/ltr mileage; god knows for how long though”
“We are a team that is co operative and highly motivated but I’am sure this is not going to stay for a long time”
“I got an award this month at work maybe they are planning to give me more work”

These are some of the thoughts that run across most of our minds.

So when exactly did we become this pessimistic? Its like we are always waiting for things to go wrong and think its inevitable for things to go right for a long time. To take a recent example is of the Sunday elections where it was proclaimed that there was just 44% turnout. This definitely churned out angry responses from media, blaiming politicians and also facebook updates reprimanding people for not voting. All this I think comes from the basic thought that everyone in the beginning itself had decided that this will not be a success. That’s when I read an interesting article where it clearly points out that this 44% is out of a total which includes people whose names appear multiple times as they were not removed from the list or changed to different location etc( The interesting part is that here is one person or organization who took the turnout positively and tried drive opinion towards it positively.
Pessimism I think is just becoming the most popular thing to do. It primarily looks like the negativity is the one which makes for interesting conversation. Why else would you see most of the articles or blogs ranting on things which are going wrong. Inspite of my attempt here of bringing out the positivity this blog itself definitely has a pessimist tinge to it.
I can think of the umpteen conversation with my better half where for any decision that we have to take like going on a holiday, buying a gadget or even a simple thing of lazing on a weekend I think how it could be a wrong decision if we think next month, next year or after next 10 years and he being the optimist gets flabbergasted as to why do I think so far for it to go wrong and not enjoy the moment.
Anyways being the pessimist that I’am most of the time am not sure if it is too much to ask that I want to be at peace of mind in all decisions, live each moment as it comes and enjoy each moment to the fullest but I would love to do that and definitely going to make an effort in that direction.
Also being the filmy that I’am this song is ringing in my ears now - Aanewala Pal Jaanewala Hai Ho Sake To Iss Mein Zindagi Bitaado Pal Jo Yeh Jaanewala Hai……..


  1. Hmm is Pessimism a trend or a state of mind that translates in to a habit? I think it is the latter. How much does Optimism/Positive thinking actually work and help? I think when one is tired of life and the fact that every phase is a phase that will pass that's when one possibly gets pessimistic. Taking 'life as it comes' has been my policy for ages now. It sure is easier said than done!

  2. My effort on 'Life as it comes' is still on:-) But still think that people like being pessimistic these days or what they would like to call taking cautious steps.